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InksnationDao: 28 Hacks To Pinkoin & Other Cryptocurrency

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1.Not all cryptocurrency started with mining for example RIPPLE(XRP)! 

2. Inksnation is a userbase cryptocurrency, First of its kind and different from every other cryptocurrencies. Read! 

3. SEC and CBN have not approved any cryptocurrency as a legal tender. So in Nigeria, all cryptocurrency dealings is still considered illegal. 

  These are the official letters sent to the Nigerian government

4. Bitcoin promised you a digital gold but if you and other bitcoin investors withdraw all yOur investment like you are withdrawing everything from inksnation, bitcoin will crash to ₦1. For this reason, regulation has to be made for illiterates or naïve Nigerians who lack the basic knowledge of cryptocurrency and how it works. 

5. Etherum is currently upgrading. Upgrading is allowed. Other cryptocurrencies and inksnation are not built on the same kind of blockchain. Educate yourself and stop exhibiting universal ignorance. 

6. UDI is not running away. Until he runs, let that be our headache. Besides, The account of UDI and his wife are currently frozen until they prove to the world their claims. So which money are they running with?

7. You just said other cryptocurrencies were mined.. How do you do promo on what has been completely mined? Pinkoin is reserved and not mined. Read oooo... 

8. Babies are not allowed to own cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, etherum, etc are not for babies. Inksnation allowed babies because its growth is based on human assets. Do you ever read?

9. He said no c

ash out till March but don't forget he said there will always be monthly ink markets in the 36 states and capital. The aim of inksnation is to go cashless. Do you read? 

10. Only fools and myopic mindset goes about calling things scam. there are many who still believe cryptocurrency is a ponzi scheme and therefore a scam but they're naïve and need enlightenment. Who will enlighten them? You that can't even differentiate between userbase cryptocurrency and market base cryptocurrency? 

11. Intention to have your BVN is to prove your identity and that you have just one account. It is called KYC! Binance, Luno asked for BVN. It had nothing to do with linkage to your bank account but to mark you against fraudulent transactions. Read o.. Brother read. 

12. Screenshot this post of mine and remind me if inksnation scam you. I am a proud Exchanger.

13. Because you don't understand the first story, so you will always be told another story. 

14. Ask yourself if you have the brain to believe what I was told by an exchanger marketing his business or should I not read the white paper and understand for myself what was written

15. I registered me and all my family since April and I and my family have not even cashed out for once but I understand the reason and know with my patience, we are going to soar the sky. 

16. I have everything to gain from this post because I need people to understand. Your mathematics is wrong. Over 3 millions registered below 800 naira and 90% of all those money went to the exchangers. 

17. You even missed number 17 because you don't read yourself.

18. The guy is not running away because his account has longed be frozen and he holds less than 10% of the money. 

19. The example they cited bitcoin to is the time it took bitcoin to reach this level. Many bitcoin holders even gave up, sold their accounts for peanuts. When they compare inksnation and bitcoin, it is the patience which you don't have they meant. 

20. It is your age mates that are writing the things you read on Google . Nothing stops you from researching about the name, write it for us on your website or blog so that we can go and read too when we search it through Google. You can equally call the president of Switzerland to confirm. That is what researchers do. Don't be a lazy researcher or investigative journalist. 

22. Until you make your research, it is not yet audio bank. Intellects don't believe in criticism without findings and proves. Only fools believe anything without making their findings. 

23. They actually employed people. Exchangers are given 140PKN and are to return just 20k for another one which enters UDI's Frozen account. Who gets the remaining 120k naira worth of pinkoin? That's huge. Your government officials cannot do that for u, Nigerians wake up.

24. Only the patient dog eats the fatest bone. And 1k to be rich overnight? Even a ritualist will charge you criminal for performing rituals you are not even sure would work.  

25. EndSars protesters are people fighting for their lives and the betterment of the country arrested illegally against the country's and United Nations constitution. UDI is a one man philanthropist so don't expect the media to carry it and cryptocurrency is not yet a legal tender in Nigeria. Get this straight my people. 

26. Patience has always been the key to greatness. The millionaires in bitcoin today exercise patience. Jeff Bezoz the richest man today failed many times but was patient. How can 1k build you an empire in 1 month? Aren't you greedy and arrogant? I would have called you a thief but it still take thieves and Gee boys years to set up things for themselves if at all they will survive to reap. 

27. Read your books and first learn how to communicate with words. Critics are eloquent with words but I hardly can understand you. But Wallet..? Cashless policy. 

28. They said bitcoin machine is in Lagos. Have ever seen it? 

Moreover, other ATM have chips and not barcode. Built differently and operated differently. You never sabi blockchain, cryptocurrency now na technology you want to analyze too? 

My brother, you are still behind from your write up. Y still don't know anything about blockchain technology. 

Anyway my advice to you is to first start with English, art, science, then come back to technology and carry out your analysis again. 

I am proudly an inks and still believe strongly in this project. 

Wish I can pay the critics all their chicken change and exit them from this project, lol I'm just joking.

Your Humble Exchanger Cares.

Love you all.

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Your Humble Inksnationhub

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  1. We must all understand the concept at which the pinkoin is operating. Let us all unite and fight to achieve this success stories.