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How does #Pinkoin works?
Pinkoin is not Bitcoin and Bitcoin is not Pinkoin. Bitcoin is its own cryptocurrency in the Block Chain organization. The same thing with Pinkoin. 

👉So now what are their differences?
Bitcoin is build around Market caps or capitalization which is money. Where by it is rule by the law of demand and Supply. It gains value by the many money that comes in for the supply of demand.

👉Pinkoin is decentralized by reserve Ledger caps. And this reserve ledger is capitalises on human asset or living Nodes (human being). Human being is valuing money created by him for exchange of Goods and services than him the human being or living nodes himself. So, Pinkoin has come to correct all the error

👉Now some people may ask, how is the value of pinkoin determine?

👉1pinkoin is now $5,000 dollar. And let me tell you some things, it will reach even $100,000 by the time we reach our target of 18 million people. 

👉Let's countinue, Now, we have about 180 countries with different currencies around the world.
All countries using dollar as their currency are sum to just 1 (one). 
👉So, every 180 person that join Inksnation, pinkoin gets value by 1dollar.
Now we have 900,000 living nodes divide by 180 = $5,000 wow! 👉So 1 pinkoin is worth $5,000. This is how our market is being determine. What we have is distributed ledger not market caps or capitalist market. 👉So if you buy a package of 1k, which is BRONZE, you entitle to receiving 4k per day, times 30days that gives you 120k a month. 👉If you buy SILVER package of 10k, you are entitle to 6k per day, sum it to 30days it gives you 180k a month. 👉If you buy a package of 100k GOLD, you are entitle to 8k per day sum it to 30days it gives you 240k per month 👉the same thing happen to 1million DIAMOND you entitled to earn 10k daily and 300k in 30 days. 👉The reason for this system is for us to have an ecosystem where by no body can be greater than any other person like how we have it in the capital market of money made by us human and yet we devalue human than money
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