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7 Easy Steps On How To Create A Blog On Blogger

Welcome To My Blog, if you have been looking for ways to create a professional blog all this years, but no results. hurray you're going to have your blog today. make sure to follow me, for the next tips. 

 It is easy to create a free website on Blogger platform. Without wasting your time i come directly to the steps how you can create a free website? Steps to create a free website. Login to and perform the following steps below. Before you go straight away to open an account with blogger, you will need a Domain name which will be your own unique name, I highly recommend you get a Domain name from one of the Strongest Domain name provider in in the World. "BLUEHOST" To Get it >>>CLICK HERE<

 1. Create your account on (If you have already a Google account you may just need to login to ), If you are creating a new account do not forget to verify your account, you receive a mail on your registered email. 

 2. Click on "Create a new blog" 

3. Enter a title of the blog

Title is what your blog will look like. E.G, "Jumiabrand: Business and Blogging's Tip Forum "

 4. Enter a blog url name

whatever you want to make, if it will be better if you select a name that match your business. I select 'ejumiablog '. Make sure it ressonate with your business like I said earlier. 

 5. Select a good theme that you liked most. 
I will suggest you choose "Contempo". Make sure you click save when you are done. 

 6. Now you may create a new post

Please make sure you create your own content. Do not copy and paste so as not to compromise yourself of google's policy. It shouldn't be so long, make it snappy and it should have good sense of reasoning, the content you will create 
 will appear on your blog's home page. you put some content in content body and give a good title for this post. Now click on publish. You may also add some images in your post.

 7. Now your blog is ready.

For the next progressions, I would like to hear your Expectations, and experience.. This is the  best and simplest way to create a free blog. Next is how to buy a custom domain name and how to apply for Adsense and start making money from your blog immediately. Let me have your experience. 

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